Brewing Apps

Writing Android Apps all started with a desire to port a few Homebrewing applications we wrote a few years back to the Android platform.

You see, like many geeks, we like beer. Good beer. And combining beer and computers is a lot safer than combining beer and say - driving. Or chainsaws. Never ever combine beer and chainsaws. When you start using the mash calculator, try my porter recipe - it really is excellent if I do say so myself - and I did!

Mash Volume Calculator - the first App! This is a Mash Calculator for Batch Sparging your mash. For those of you that do not know what Batch Sparging is see Denny's Brewing Page for an explanation. It is a simple calculation of 1.25 qts of H2O per Lb. of grain divided by 4 to give the gallons needed. Simple - right - try doing it in your head. Now have a couple beers. Try it now. Computers are better at this than I am. Let the computer do it.

Sanitizer Calculator - again, computers are better at running numbers than I am. This app simply calculates the amount of Bleach, Iodopher or Star San needed to add to a given volume of water to make a sanitizing solution. When brewing sanitation is the most important thing, so getting it right is important.