Welcome To Appbrewers

One day in the not too distant past, after getting my first android phone, I discovered that there were apps that I wanted that no one made! Apps for Brewing, apps for gaming and some just general purpose apps that sounded handy. So I got together with my friend Devin, who is an infinitely better programmer than I am, and we started researching the android language, and shortly Appbrewers was born!

So now, about three years later, we have 8 apps out, a couple in production (Coming soon!), and a few more in the planning stages. We are at over 25,000 downloads and going up fast, not astronomical numbers, but satisfying... We have ported the brewing apps over to blackberry and they are available in the Blackberry Store. A lot of people have emailed and said how much they like our stuff, a lot have emailed suggestions to make the apps better, and we thank all of you for your kindness. It looks like we are here to stay and I feel kinda good about that.

So over on the left side of the page is the menu, on the individual pages are screenshot thumbnails - click one of these to get a popup slideshow of the screenshots. Look around, follow the qr codes or links to google play. If you feel like making suggestions Email us at appbrewers@gmail.com - since we are both working multiple jobs forgive us if we are sometimes slow to respond.

Check back regularly to see what new stuff we have come up with!


Doug & Devin