Gaming Apps


Ok I believe we have made no secret about the fact that we are geeks, hey, its almost fashionable these days. Geeks love games. All games pretty much, but way down deep its role playing games that really get to us. Almost 40 years ago a guy named Gary published some books - since then the whole industry has become big business, and a few hundred variants of his original ideas have hit the market.

I was there in the beginning and always believed there was an easier way than screens and books, I tried a bunch of "computer aided gaming" ideas over the years but they never really worked for me, until I got my hands on an android tablet.

We present to you the first of hopefully many gaming aids for android we will be publishing. I hope you like them. These first I wrote for me, "Old School" from 1978 when I first discovered the "First Edition" genre, when fighters were dirty and usually bleeding, and mages ran and hid after casting their couple of spells for the day.


Old School RPG Tables -

Old School RPG Tables has all the tables that you are used to flipping around to find. Except no flipping around - everything is right there and easy to navigate. Need to figure out what an ability modifier is? No problem! Need to look up treasure type G? It's there! Also has all the spells for all the classes with a search function and a built in scroll generator! This app is a GM's best friend - and is a pretty darn useful reference for players too.

Old School Spells -

All the spells and only the spells - Well, plus a search function and a really cool Spell Book .

Designed for the spell caster that does not care about the rest of the tables - and just wants the spells.

Please note that these are NOT complete games - you still need the rulebooks to learn and play the games.