Old School Monsters Database


For the past 6 months I have been working on what I hope will soon be the most complete, cross referenced, indexed, searchable, and downright cool listing of monsters for the original 1st edition game system and all the derivative old school systems that have come out since. The first app release will have around 350 monsters, but as long as there is interest, as time goes on that number will triple or more. We have gone live on the Google Play Store! We have designed it to be simplicity itself to add more monsters, edit what is there, fix errors or omissions, etc., and anyone with the app installed will automatically get all revisions and additions as an update.

While going through the old books, based on my 35 years of playing this game, I have fixed errors everywhere I found them, beefed up a few monsters and toned down a few others, but always tried to stay true to the original intent of the creators of the system. This is not a simple copy/paste job - I have rewritten and simplified flavor text, split previously grouped monsters into seperate entities and generally tried to make the cyclopaedia coherant and consistant, with the proper saving throw names and spell names throughout. When a monster has access to a spell or spell like ability, there will be a direct link to the appropriate spell. No flipping around from "see 1st level blah of blah" only to be re-referenced to the "3rd level blah de blah 2".

We have added some monsters I and my associates have created, and I would like to appeal to all of you to submit your creations for consideration. We want to include your monsters, and if anyone has any original art for any of the classic monsters we would love to see it. Submission guidelines are :

  • Must be your own original work - no copying files off of the internet, no matter how obscure (we will check)!
  • Must not be identifiably derivative of any copyright work
  • You must be willing to allow us Non-exclusive use of your work in this monster app and any future apps (meaning you are free to use it, sell it elsewhere as you see fit)
  • You will need to understand that we may have to edit the material for content, length etc.

    Anyone whose stuff is used will get a direct hyperlink to their home page from every item used so that if someone says "Wow - that pic is cool!" they can instantly click to your home page to see the rest of your stuff. Of course if you wish to remain anonymous - we will respect that also.

    So if you are interested please send any submissions to appbrewers@gmail.com - We cant wait to see what you have come up with!