Other Builders Apps

While we think we make great apps, we know we are not the only ones doing so.
Here we want to point you at some apps we think are great.
Wish we had written them but we didn't think of them first. Oh well.

Barcode Scanner - The ZXing team has a great little barcode scanner. We use it for all sorts of things, but mostly we use it to scan the 2D QR codes that appear on sites like this one. They can encode almost anything, but websites are the most common. It is interesting to scan random other barcodes to see what they encode too!


FBReader - My favorite Ebook reader it's free, it's open source, it reads epub, rtf, fb2(.zip), mobi, and plain text files, day and night modes and more.


Dropbox - I wonder how I survived life before Dropbox sometimes. It has changed the way I do things in a big way. Moving files between computer, tablet and phone could not get any easier. Sharing a dropbox folder with Devin enables us to collaborate from 3/4 of the way across the country more easily than if we were in the same room. They start you with 2+ gigs of free storage (Getting another dropbox user to invite you gets you both a .5 gig bonus!), then inviting your friends, doing their tutorial, uploading pictures, adding other devices will all get you more space. If that's not enough they will happily sell you space for a small fee. With all the inviting I have done I am over 16 gigs now - and that's enough space for me, for now.