Time Out

Do you have classes where the instructor hates to hear a cell phone ring? Meetings you don't want interrupted by unwanted calls? A job where you cannot receive calls? Do you spend part of your day in a dead zone and run down your battery if you forget to turn off your phone?

Then Time Out is for you.

Time Out lets you stop worrying that your phone is going to ring during meetings, classes or work! Simply schedule when you want your phone to Time Out, and it will automatically enter airplane mode and not be able to receive calls, and then schedule the Time In for when you want to receive calls again. You can schedule an unlimited number of Time Out and Time In events so no matter how complicated your schedule is, Time Out will work for you!

Time Out automatically senses if you use a 12 hour clock with AM and PM - or a 24 hr. clock. Times can be set by spinner, or + and - buttons as you prefer. Any schedule is possible for any time event pair, e.g., "Mon - Tue - Fri from 10 to 10:50" is set as one event pair easily and quickly. It only takes one short click to edit the event, so you can change the times, add days - whatever you need. AND you can have an unlimited number of events. No longer need the event? One long click deletes it - don't worry - it's just that simple to put it back if you make a mistake.

If you have an unexpected meeting or just need an hour to yourself hit the free bundled widget and voila you are in airplane mode for one hour. After the hour is up you automatically go back to receiving calls.

Try Time Out - it’s simple to use, does one thing very well.

Time Out (Limited!) -

Want to try Time Out but don't want to worry about the market refund policy if you don't like it? Don't worry! We have developed a limited version that works in every way identically to the full version, but you can only set two repeating events. Give it a try, and then upgrade if you find it useful!