Android Tips and Tricks

Here are a few things we thought you might like to know about your android phone. If you are an advanced user you might know this stuff already. Or not.

In any case here we go.

  • Installing a Widget / Adding other stuff to Your Home Screen in android 2.x
    To install a widget first long click on your screen in a free space. This will give you an "Add to home screen" Menu.
    Choose an item and follow the directions.
    Different phones are different after this point but once you know how to get to the menu you should be home free.
    This is also where you can access Wallpapers, shortcuts, folders and similar stuff.

  • Fast app switching in android 2.x
    Hold your home button to bring up a list of your most recently used apps.
    Perfect for switching between your spellbook and a rules table.
    Or between your sanitizer calculator and mash volume calculator.
    Or even apps that we didn't write I suppose.